mercredi 1 juin 2011

The Playlist Of The Week

Turn on your iPod, press "Shuffle Songs" and see what happens...

“Don’t Explain”, Helen Merrill

When it comes to great jazz woman voices, everybody can talk about Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holliday but few people know Helen Merrill. The white New Yorker has nothing to envy to the black divas and is one of the most touching voice that ever sang. You get immediately taken away by her smooth and warm voice. This is a beautiful and complex jazz song with brilliant arrangements, soft rhythm, and a haunted voice that leads it all until the magnificent trumpet’s solo. A great moment that makes you want to thank your iPod for picking that track and the whole world for suddenly turning so beautiful…

“I Walked Alone”, James Brown, Please, Please, Please
This is the very first album of James Brown. 1959! What a carrier he had. His first hit names the album: “Please, Please,Please”. At this point, Brown was still in the trend and playing some cool Rhythm and Blues music. He’ll later become the crazy screaming and dancing guy that has revolutionized the music. Couldn't find the right song on youtube though...but this video is great!

“The Guru”, Ustad Vilayat, Darjeeling Limited OST
One of the crazy and brilliant Indian traditional songs present on this unbelievable movie’s OST. You are literally transported in India when you listen to it. Brilliant theme and arrangements. Indian music is so rich and I still have to discover so much of it…

“Mississippi Queen”, Mountain
This is one of the songs that have been sold really well during 1970. This is the first time I’m listening to it. A good all hard rock song. To be fair, this is not really my style... I feel like you need to be a biker to fully enjoy that but this is quite funny and revealing of the good old rock & roll sound of the time.

“Nearer Blessed Lord”, Nina Simone
One of the songs of Nina Simone I really love. The vibrant voice of Simone is crazy and makes that sweet sweet tune a bit less cheesy than it would have been otherwise. A pure and joyful gospel that makes you feel good and nostalgic of a better time that, in the end, has never really existed…

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