samedi 11 juin 2011

The Playlist Of The Weekend

Turn on your iPod, press "Shuffle Song" and see what happens...

"Cry Baby Cry", The Beatles, The White Album

This is the first time I'm hearing this song. I know some other parts of The White Album. This is a good old classic song from the band with a kinky rhythmic from Ringo and a classic Beatles piano. This record is completely crazy. There were all going appart and arguing. The different personalities were taking over the band's spirit and it gives us this schizophrenic records. I really think some songs like "Rocky Raccoon" or "I Will" are some of their bests. I also love the story about "Back in U.S.S.R." recording: everybody was laugthing about Ringo for some reason, he got mad and left... McCartney is playing the drums on that track!

"Love Me Two Times", The Doors, Strange Days

This is one of my favourite songs of the Doors. I love the biting guitar and the ironic Morrison. This is a classic that never gets old. Morrison seemed at this time to have understood it all, the entire man kind and he was speaking as a priest to preachers supported by the best men. I've read a book on his life and I've been quite surprised to see that he wasn't so depressing or dark... in the end, he was quite funny!But he was clearly ahead, ahead of his band mates, aehad of his generation, ahead of life unfortunatelly...

"Little Sister", Rufus Wainwright, Want Two

This is a pure gay song performed by the gayest. Rufus Wainwright is one of the most talented man alive. His voice is unbelievable and he is one of the most respected songwriter and he proves his brilliant talent in this song. Its classic arrangements are crazy, brilliant and beautiful. The only thing that could have make it better was this low and powerful voice.

"It Was A Very Good Year", Frank Sinatra

I was always suspicious on Sinatra before I started listening to him. I mean, who was he to let people call him "The Voice"? The guy had the reputation of being supported by the Mafia and stuff so I thought he was a crook, nothing more. Then I have listened and learnt my lesson. Not only was he "The Voice" but, come on! he was "The Man"! He trully was the best and this song is one of my favourite. I remember the first time I've heard it, it was on the radio. I was drinving home around 3am, it was dark, it was raining and nobody was on the street. I was listening to the story of this man's life, deeply moved... I've left "The Voice" guide me home in the night...

"Thunder On The Mountain", Bob Dylan, Modern Times

Bob Dylan is my absolute idol. I'm not really fan of the last things he has done, a bit too country for me but he invented modern music and thinking. He has done it all, he has lived it all and most of all: he survived. He is a legend and yet very human. I've seen and read a lot about him and it seems nobody clearly say the same thing about him. Each time he's saying something different, entertaining himself always a few steps forward on everybody...even today.

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