samedi 4 juin 2011

The Playlist Of The Weekend

Turn on your iPod, press "Shuffle Songs" and see what happens...

"Bahia", John Coltrane, Bahia
Coltrane is one of the greatest artists of all time. This track is a perfect example of his incredible sound at the saxophone. This is still tradiotional jazz in the sense he's not experimenting too much on this album and the structure of the song is quite common. But you can already hear some crazy stuff there. The sonorities are largely inspired by Eastern Arabic or African music. The rhythmic and this repetitive theme are wild and let room for more freedom in the solos. Trane's one is amazing and the piano goes on pretty well too. The double bass makes a weird solo with the bow just like on Blue Train but this Bahia was released a few time after that. The main attraction of this track remains the warm and bewitching sound of Coltrane... pure magic...

"Autumn Moon", Keziah Jones, Black Orpheus
This is one of the most beautiful and dark songs of Jones. He sings with two voices (one high and the other low) and both of them are just incredible... This is done perfectly and the biting acoustic guitar sound beautifully completes the voices. I've been lucky enough to see Keziah Jones live once and I can honestly say that even if I don't like all of his music (especially his studio works), this is one of the best live performances I've ever seen. He is a great artist with an incredibly powerful personality and this song will reach your soul and haunt it immediately. 

"Politix", Lone Catalysts
I don't know much about Hip-Hop. A friend showed me this band and I really love their sound and samples very often borrowed to some jazz tunes. This is some smart smooth Hip-Hop that will make you think. I really love their most known track "Renaissance". That one is good too. 

"The Passenger", Kings Of Convenience, Quiet is The New Loud
I've discovered this duet last year with "Ms Cold". They are two really good musicians both from Norway. I really love the way they are arranging the two guitars and voices on each song. They have some brilliant melodies as well. This one is not one of their bests though. Nevertheless, it is always nice to listen to them. One of them has also a brilliant band called The Whitest Boy Alive with some more groovy stuff, good stuff too. 

"Lonely Stranger", Eric Clapton, Unplugged
I've never really liked Clapton and his music. However, this Unplugged has been played all along my youth. I've always loved the sound of an acoustic guitar and I must admit the guy knows how to use one. He sings pretty well too but I've never really liked his songs in general. I don't find them extremely creative. I've also never like the fact that everyone called him "God" when Hendrix humiliated him once by playing with him on a stage before being famous. Clapton asked never to play at the same time as him after that... Hendrix is "God". 

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