mercredi 15 juin 2011

The Playlist Of The Week

Turn on your iPod, press "Shuffle Songs" and see what happens...

"Just A Simple Melody", Ella Fitzgerald

This is the first time I'm listening to that song. Ella has always been opposed to Billie Holliday according to me. One was joyful, warm and full of life, the other cold as ice, biting and hard, both of them being equally talented and beautiful. Some days you will need Ella, some others Billie, that's all.

"In The Flesh", Jurassic 5, Jurassic 5 EP

As I told you last time, I don't know much about Hip-Hop but I've got some friends giving me some fine stuff. Jurassic 5 is one of them. The music is great, real instruments, good sound and the flow is brilliant. That's the kind of Hip-Hop I love, smooth and well done. Some old school stuff, the real stuff not the fake things made on a computer by producer richer than kings.

"Moving In The Right Direction", Count Basic

Once again, this is something a friend of mine gave me. Some very good stuff once again... I have very good friends... That is some grooving music made by brilliant musicians. I love the sound of Count Basic, very smooth, pure studio sound but in a very good way. The arrangements and structure are amazing. The only thing I'm a bit annoyed by in that kind of music is that it's a bit too serious for me. But that remains some really good music.

"Keep On Pushing", The Impressions

That's the first time I'm hearing that song... My iPod is full of surprises. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to understand from the lyrics but I'd rather not think about it too much. This music is not very sophisticated but correspond to a certain time, a good time. But that's not the best example of what you could here then. Somehow, it reminds me a bit of Curtis Mayfield...a little bit...

"Love Dog", TV On The Radio, Dear Science

TV On The Radio is a great band. The guys are coming from New York and make some really new music by mixing all sort of influences (hip hop, pop rock, electro) in a very good way. The voices of the two singers are incredible. I've been a fan since the very first album of that electrical frenetic sound they have. They manage to mix successfully electronic rythm with brasses and strings and voices for a touching and yet rhythmic music. It is good nowadays to have some people taking some risks and trying to get everybody to listen to something fresh and new that does not look like everything else.

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